Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning - how are you on this fine day?

Me, I'm not complaining.  Actually, I'm feeling pretty darn good.  Had a busy, but fun weekend.  Filled with lots of laughs, culture, art and time with my family.

I'm taking this morning's coffee a little different route than normal.  Over the weekend I had some time to read my new copy of "Click" - a photography magazine I subscribe to.  There was a really neat little article in it that inspired me to write today's post in this manner.  

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I was inspired to write a letter to each of my son's.  I hope to accomplish that this week, but if not, I'm writing the highlight's here.

To My Sons:

I love you.  Both of you individually, both of you to the moon & back & beyond the stars.  

The joy that each of you have brought to my life is limitless.  You have helped shaped me into who I am today.  You have taught me what unconditional love is, what forgiveness is, what a true belly laugh is, how deep sorrow can be that only a parent feels when their child is hurting, how to be cool, how to be tech savvy, how to bargain hunt, you have taught me how to live.

I know Mother's Day is a day for kids to honor their mom's.  To celebrate all that their mom has given to them.  But I want to celebrate YOU.  For without either of you, I would not be who I am.

I will never stop being amazed at watching the two of you walk your life's journey.  It blows my mind to see how amazing you two continue to be.

Chad (Son #1) - as I watch you in the honeymoon phase of your new marriage.  I watch how tender and loving and caring you are to your wife.  The path that you two walked to reach this leg of your life journey was a rough one at times, but you both took responsibility for your own personal part in this relationship & it warms my heart to see how you've come through those storms and are now walking side by side, working together to build your life.  I know without a doubt that your love for Melissa knows no boundary or depth, it is that great.  I have goosebumps and teary eyes as I write this as I picture your face and the look on it whenever you look at Melissa.

You and I are a lot alike.  Yes, we are both bullheaded.  We both know what we want and how we want it and we clash sometimes because of that, but as you grow older - and me too (ugh), I feel our bond continue to grow stronger.  I have nothing but respect for you and who you've become.  

Always stay as strong as you are, never fail to admit when you're wrong and always learn from your life.  You are never too old to stop learning.

I pray that you know how deeply I love you, I always have and always will.

Shaun (Son #2) - your life journey has taken you so far away from us.  Ugh, as much as I hate you being so far away, I also love seeing how much you have grown as a person from this experience.  

As I sat on your couch in your apartment only a few week's ago, listening to you conduct business on the phone, I was touched deeply by the kindness in your voice.  It spoke volumes of who you are becoming as a man.  You are so sensitive to others and I believe this will take you far in your career and in life.

I love watching you with your fiance and the excitement of working on building your life together.  You have a soft side to you, much like my dad did.  You remind me so much of him and your dad (Dream Boy).  You all have/had a very gentle and loving manner.  

You hate to see people hurt and you hate to hurt people.  This is a great strength of yours.  Your compassion for others and for life is going to help you go far in your life.

Never lose your ability to show and share emotion.  It is a wonderful quality to see in a man - it shows how truly human you are.  

I pray that you will always know my love for you runs deep, forever and always.

On this Mother's Day I thank God, truly thank Him, for the honor of being a mom - YOUR mom.  He entrusted me to be the person to help mold you and teach you and help you grow.  I have always been aware of the responsibility He placed upon me (& your dad) to teach of Him, to lead you in a life pleasing to Him.  I have tried to be the model of a Godly mom (& wife), praying that you would also follow in His path.  I am forever thankful for how God brought each of you into my life, both so different, yet so special, never forgetting what a gift you are to me and dad.

Thank you for loving me back, for standing beside me in my best moments and in the worst.  Thank you for teaching me so many things I never would have imagined possible.  

Again, I love you both.  To the moon and back & beyond the stars.


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Kathy McB said...

Looks to me like you are ALL blessed :). Beautiful thoughts my friend.