Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee

Happy Monday morning to you!

Did you survive your holiday weekend? It turned out to be a beautiful weekend here in the mitten & we took full advantage of it.

With the 4th falling on Saturday, Dream Boy still had to work on Friday, but I spent the day keeping busy.

First there was this.....
Back in the saddle.  With the holiday weekend, the roads were not busy at all - so I chose to ride one of my road routes. The balloon festival was going on at the nearby airport, so the balloons were out floating over the National Cemetery. It was so peaceful that morning.

I got home from my 9 1/2 mile ride and made a few things for dinner that night before heading to the dock with my girl. I knew everyone would be hanging on the dock, so we went early for an our of one on one time.
I swear she looks like she's flying. But the poor thing has a major ear infection, which labs are prone too, so I'll be calling the vet today to get some meds for her. Usually I can keep them pretty clear with her ear wash - but no go this time.

Friday night we had a cook out with friends and our oldest son & daughter-in-law. Always a good time, with plenty of food! Oh - and we got some exciting news just before dinner! My oldest nephew proposed to his beautiful girlfriend, so there will be another family wedding in our future - can't wait!

Saturday, Dream Boy & I just hung by the ol' homestead all day. He went for a ride in the morning and I did this....
because chocolate chip cookies are as American as apple pie, right? And much easier to eat on a boat than apple pie.

This little one was dognabbed by yours truly.....
because her mom & dad were spending there day out on their boat. So gramma went to let her out & she just HAD to jump in the car and come home with me to pester her Aunt Libbi for a while.

We brought her home later that night and then headed out with her mom & dad to the lake to watch fireworks from the boat.
It was a spectacular celebration and an awesome way to watch the fireworks this year!

Sunday we started off our morning at church and then headed to breakfast. While there, D2 texted me and asked if we wanted to join them on the boat for the afternoon. Dream Boy already had plans for a bike ride, so I joined them for a few hours in the sun and water. I even managed to dunk S1 off the back of the boat at one point when he wasn't paying attention. 

Yeah, this mom's still got it. Totally took him by surprise!

So Sunday night, DB & I hung out at home and he fixed a light supper for us. 

It was a great weekend - a sunny, warm one. Something we haven't seen in quite a while. In fact, we've had almost a full week with NO rain! But the mosquitos are out in full force due to all the rain we have had. 

Today, I'm back at school for the final week of my first session of summer school. Pushing those kiddo's to get their work done & finish strong! It's hard to believe that we're almost done with the 1st session - which means halfway through summer school for me!  Wow!

But I enjoy it & I really want these kids to succeed. It has been a quiet bunch this year, unlike so many years in the past. 

So I'm off to the classroom - I hope your day is a beautiful one. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm Gonna Walk A Hundred Miles..........

I started this little meme last year on Instagram - and I've kept in up. 

On the 1st of every month - take a pic of where you are standing, walking, running, sitting - wherever your feet take you.  Post it on your IG page and tag with #feetfirst2015 and see where everyone's travels take them.  I would love to see you join me @pattilin60 and let me see where your journey takes you!

This has been my journey so far this year.....
From ice skating with Dream Boy in January to riding the trails in July, snow storms, school days, dog days, fire side, sunny side up & dog tired after a big wedding!

What a journey I've had the pleasure of moving through since the first of the year!

As for this weekend - my feet will be spending plenty of time planted on the dock with a certain Wonder Dog!

Happy Birthday America!  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee

Here we are - back to Monday again!

Friday night Dream Boy & I hung around the 'ol homestead & he grilled a pork loin on the grill!  Yummilicious!

Through the night the rain began and it didn't stop til midday. A steady, constant rain. We honestly don't need it. Seriously. I was going around the yard emptying flower pots as the water was standing in the tops of them because they are so saturated.

Saturday night Dream Boy & I headed east to the city of Battle Creek, actually no further away than Kalamazoo, but we headed that way for something different and ended up at a restaurant that we used to take the boys to when they were little. It's in an old train depot along the river.

We shared a bottle of wine & filled our bellies with pasta, as Dream Boy was riding in a local bike ride on Sunday.

After dinner, we ventured out along the trail along the river. The levels are so high!
Can you tell the water shouldn't be that high?

We wandered along some more & played with Lucy - hence the couple shot above. I hadn't brought my remote, so it was the mad dash to beat the timer game!
We ran into a bunch of geese who are apparently tired of the water too & are on higher ground trying to dry out!
Along the walk and surrounding the Kellogg House, this sea of hydrangeas was in full bloom!
We were also extremely moved & impressed by this sculpture done by an artist from Denver, depicting the role that 2 Battle Creek Natives played in the underground railroad. They were very instrumental in helping many slaves escape to the north.
Sunday morning was a beautiful & sunny one.  Dream Boy headed off to his ride with his buddy & I headed off to church.

Lucy was in my purse & we went for a little ride after church.
See the "tree line" on the left there?  Yea, that is the bank of this creek in downtown. 

Really - is there any way we can bottle this water and send it out west where they really, really need it?

I eventually found my way home and changed into my swimsuit & LtWD & I headed to the dock, where Dream Boy soon joined us. She played with her tube & the boys & I headed out in my kayak for a paddle around the lake.  It was a gorgeous day, and everyone was out enjoying it! The boats became more and more plentiful on the lake as I made my way around. I think I got back to the dock just in time - the boats were really out in full force by then.

So I am now into the 3rd week of 4 for my 1st session of summer school. It's been going fairly well, with the exception of technical difficulties one morning last week, but we made it up on Thursday without much complaint.

Today's forecast is calling for more rain and possible thunderstorms. 


Anyways, thank you for stopping by & catching up with me!  Have a great week!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee


What an amazing weekend I had. So much fun packed in.

If you have followed along with me, you know I am a Lake Girl ~~ a water bug.

I love being on or near the water at any chance I can get.  Digging my feet into sandy beach is even better!

Friday my nieces & I headed to the shoreline of Lake Michigan, as we do every summer.  The Friday before, when we originally planned to go, it was rainy - so we postponed it for a week.  Usually my sisters join us, but because of the date change, it was just the 3 of us.

We switched it up this year and headed up to Holland State Park for the day, rather than our norm - South Haven.
We all have this water & sand bug in common.  Comes from my mama.  She loved the sun - not the water so much, but loved to be in the sun!

We spent about 3 - 3 1/2 hours on the beach & then headed into town for some shopping.  The girls have never explored the streets of Holland, so they were over the moon with the stores!  I knew they would be and we have made a pact to come back again together.

Saturday was an overcast, grey kinda day.  Dream Boy planted some flowers and such around the yard & we basically just hung out around the homestead. He did manage to find a bike rack to fit his car, on Craigslist, so he was a happy camper.  Our roof mount doesn't fit either of the cars we are driving now - so it was a much needed apparatus for him.

Sunday - Father's Day.  We started our morning in church, a much needed start to our week. Every week. I miss it if we miss church.

After church, we met S&D1 down at our local cafe for breakfast together. I miss S&D2 even more at times like this! 

We finished up breakfast and headed home to pack up for a day on the lake again with the kids!  S&D1 bought a used boat earlier this spring.  S1 took it out on the water when he bought it & it seemed to be a great deal. When he & Dream Boy launched it a few weeks later, they soon became aware of why it was a "great deal" - it began to fill with water in the engine area. There was a major leak, so they had to pull it.

Our hearts were breaking for them - they had so looked forward to the summer & spending time together on the boat. They rented a slip at a local lake as well. S1 took it into a marina to get an estimate on repairing it, but it was outrageous what they quoted him! So he & Dream Boy did some research, they're both mechanics after all, and found out some information which they used to try & repair the issue.

It worked!! The kids took their boat out for a test run on Saturday with their friends and were out for over 4 hours and it stayed dry. So we headed out Sunday afternoon, spending about 3 hours on the water.

This mama was SO happy to be on the water with my kids!
And this mama found a great place on the back of someone's boat to sun herself and her baby. 

But see that red on the baby's back? When I got home - I zoomed in on that and it appears that the baby has been "branded" with someone's pink/red glitter nail polish. I hope it wears off that poor baby's back.

Dream Boy & I dropped the kids off & went home to clean up & change. We then headed to the cemeteries to "visit" our own dad's. It's a hard pill to swallow when we go there, but we both know that we will be reunited with them in heaven one day, so it makes it easier. It doesn't mean I don't miss my dad like crazy - but it helps to take the edge off.

Days like this make me also miss S&D2 even more. I admire them for taking risks and moving so far away from their families to be able to pursue their careers, but I can't wait for them to some day move closer to home. As S1 said yesterday on the boat, "they need to move back home NOW! It was cool when he 1st moved out there, but now it's just stupid & they need to be back home!"

Yes - S1 spare no words and you always know where you stand with him and exactly how he feels. One of the things I love most about that boy of mine!

This guy - love him with all my heart & am reminded daily of all that he is to me and my family. He has been and continues to be such a great example to our kids and I am forever grateful to him for loving me.

Happy Monday everyone - and have a GREAT week!