Saturday, April 19, 2014

Songography :: The Sounds of Silence

"The Sounds of Silence"

"In restless dreams I walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone."

Today's "funk" is courtesy of Simon and Gar"funk"el.  Get it?  Sorry, if you didn't read yesterday's post, you might not.

I'm linking up with Kathy over at "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" today and playing along with her Songography. 

As I think upon the words of this song, I think of the weekend and the holiday we, as Christians, are celebrating.

As the song talks of the darkness, and the silence within it, I am brought in my mind to a hillside so many, many years ago.  Where a man of 33 was on a cross - nails pounded through his feet and hands.  His mother standing below, along with his best friends, weeping.  Where the soldiers stood and mocked him, giving him vinegar to drink as he hung there dying.  Slashing his side and laughing and asking where his "God" was?

I think of the moment of his death, where the earth quaked and the curtain in the temple was torn.  When the valley's were filled with darkness, even though it was in the middle of the afternoon.

And then, the silence that followed as this man cried out, "It is finished". 


The silence of the next day as his body lay in his tomb.  

The silence of grief.

The silence of a man so loved, who spoke of things to come and performed miracle upon miracle, who was man, yet God.

My heart and mind truly embrace this holiday every year.  While I love the promise of a new life brought with Christmas, the birth of this holy man, I truly and completely embrace and hold to the truth's found in Easter.

The silence was broken upon that Easter morn when his body no longer was found in the tomb.  The silence of a mother's tears when she sees Jesus standing before her, a new body and new promise of eternal life for all who accept and believe.

I accept.  I believe.  I rejoice in the promise of a new life beyond this one.

Honestly, I love the sounds of silence.  It's those moments that I reflect within myself and the world around me and I am again warmed in my mind, heart & soul knowing what lies beyond for me.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Funky Friday

Wow - I just can't seem to find the inspiration or ability to blog a whole lot lately.  I'm in a funk.  A funk on Friday.  A funk. Period.

So bear with me as I move through this "road block" on my journey.  I love to blog, always have - I'm definitely not ready to give it up, but I need to find some sort of direction in how and what and when on my posting.

Life is moving along great!   Our boys' are both blessed abundantly with beautiful girls at their sides.  

Son & Daughter #1 have closed on their new home & are nestling into it well.  They are living in the finished basement & bedroom until they can get the carpets replaced upstairs, the painting done, the new trim work up and the kitchen cabinets re-stained.  I think they are also planning on replacing the current counter top.  They live barely 10 minutes away.  This - the boy who hated living in the little village we call home, who couldn't wait to move to a far away place, a place that's always warm because he's always cold, buys a house less than 10 minutes from us!  Bottom line, he loves being around family & can't move far away.  He misses his brother something awful, but he's happy & loving life close to us.  This mama's not complaining!!

Son & Daughter to be #2 are loving their jobs.  D2B2 is looking forward to the new possibilities opening up within her job and Son #2 is working hard and establishing himself very well in his job.  They are loving the Pacific Northwest, but have admitted it's not a life choice.  They are family oriented people too and want to be back "home" close to both their families.  We are here - her family is in Minnesota.  But the plan is to hopefully end back up somewhere closer to us all.

School - we have been back one week from spring break.  I leave in one week on my 12th Senior Class trip to Florida.  This week was a stressful one as 2 students were removed from the trip due to violation of their trip contract.  No refunds, no more 2nd chances, no passing go, no leaving on a jet plane.  Nada, no, nope!  The rules are guidelines are clearly stated from the very beginning, so mind your p's & q's & do your job & you will get to experience the most amazing trip of your young life!   The memories will last forever.

Tonite I am heading back to the school for a dance.  I have been asked to set up a photo booth for the kiddo's, so I've armed myself with my photo booth arsenal.
It's promising to be a beautiful weekend weather wise - YAY!  

I am having some family over for Easter Dinner on Sunday, just a few of us.  Looking forward to it, I really enjoy cooking a big dinner & having my house filled with people.  

Well, I am off to rest up just a little prior to the dance - you know teenagers start their day about the time I normally am in bed.  

Thanks for remaining loyal & true & please know I'm working to end this funk, but until I do, don't give up on me!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

We have returned from the Pacific Northwest.  I'm not going to say we're well rested - as we had a very busy week.  Not the normal lay on the beach with a book all week kind of vacation, but get up & go do something physical kind.  But this mama's not complaining.  Spending a week with Son #2 & fiancĂ© was just what this mama needed.  

I must thank Son #2 for moving there, for if he hadn't, I doubt that we'd ever have chosen to vacation there.  But I can cross seeing the Public Market Place off my 'bucket list' of photo ops now!  And having a coffee from the original Starbucks, seeing Mt. Ranier, not once - but 3 times!  Hiking a mountain to get to the top for the magnificent view (although Dream Boy & I did that on our honeymoon in N. Carolina - but I don't believe the elevation was as high).  

Those are just a few of my favorite things to add to my memory bank…..and journal.

But for now it's back to reality.  Back to 9 weeks left of the school year.  I can do this!  Especially since next weekend is the annual senior trip to Florida, so I'll be packing my bags again & heading south with 34 high school seniors to show them what having fun is all about!

I will leave you today with this magnificent view - it was the final shot I took of Mt. Rainier on our way to the airport Friday.
I hope you have a wonderful week!  Come back soon!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning from the Pacific Northwest!!!  It's been a beautiful weekend so far, and it's true what they say - even if it rains, you keep going and you DON'T use an umbrella.

Dream Boy and I arrived on time Friday to the giant hug of Son #2.  We went to the Public Market on Saturday morning and walked all around downtown Seattle.  The kiddo's cooked us dinner on Saturday night.

Sunday found us at Son #2's soccer game under the Space Needle and Seattle Center.  We had taken the grand puppy with us, but she wasn't allowed in the stadium, so Dream Boy & I walked around with her during the 2nd half of his game doing some exploring.  They have the most amazing fountain in the park that is coordinated with the music playing.  So fun!

Today is promising to be a beautiful day - clear, sunny and 70!  We've already gotten a glimpse of the mountain scape from Son #2s balcony this morning.  The sun was hitting the snow caps & it was gorgeous.  

So we're off to do some exploring on our own today - the boy needs to work.

Until later……...